How to choose a Smart TV?

Technology is constantly improving the views on our TV screens. The new generation TV that is trending now is the connected TV. Smart TVs have taken their place in living rooms because of their many benefits to users. To enjoy these benefits, you need to choose the right one.

Check the technology incorporated

Smart TVs use different technologies. The particularity of these TVs lies mainly in their intelligence to connect to the internet. The difference in technology makes the existence of LED Smart TVs, QLED Smart TVs and OLED Smart TVs stand out. For LED technology, we have two types of TV: Edge LED screens and full LED cameras.

The brightness of this technology is quite high and very large. As far as Qled technology is concerned, it is characterised by nano crystals that are placed between the LED and the screen. These are placed between the LED and the screen. This Smart TV offers a considerable colour contrast due to the reflection of the nano crystals.

In Oled technology, light-emitting diodes replace the LEDs. This means that the pixels will take over the supply of light from the power supply received.

Focus on image quality

Each connected TV has its own defined picture quality. Generally, we have three types of picture quality with Smart TVs. First, there is high definition (HD). This is the minimum resolution you need to see, for example, to be able to watch certain programmes on DTT. Anyone wishing to use a Smart TV needs to ensure good performance by having at least the same picture quality for their connected TV.

Full HD is the extension of the previous one. This is the picture quality that most Smart TVs have wherever they are used in the world. With this picture quality, you'll get sharper, smudge-free images. Then there's the most advanced of them all: 4K UHD.

This is the one that offers the sharpest screen definition. When you have this definition, it's like having technology from the future.